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Ulcinj: 41.928181, 19.217737


Private accommodation and apartments in Ulcinj

18,00 euro apartment/night (from)  More… 16,00 euro room/night (from)  More… 18,00 euro room/night (from)  More… 16,00 euro room/night (from)  More…
22,00 euro apartment/night (from)  More… 22,00 euro apartment/night (from)  More… 26,00 euro room/night (from)  More…  


Hotels in Ulcinj

34,00 euro person/night (from)  More… 37,50 euro person/night (from)  More… 22,00 euro person/night (from)  More… 24,00 euro person/night (from)  More…


Why us?
  • We can find You accommodation any time
  • We provide you with accommodation in all areas of Ulcinj
  • Your reservation is secure
Why Ulcinj?
  • It has the most beautifull beaches in Adriatic coastline
  • Great food
  • Very safe destination
How to make a reservation?
  • Choose Your accommodation
  • Klick on "send inquiry" button (after you have checked the prices)
  • Fill up the needed fields and send the inquiry
  • Wait for our confirmation ( during the same day if you send the inquiry between the working hours))

About Ulcinj

1421622-ulqin-1Ulcinj is an very popular summer destination and a favorite place for the tourists from all over the world. Placed on the most southern area of Montenegro, where the most beautiful beaches are, Ulcinj is an ideal holiday destination for families, couples, young people, sport teams. Simply, Ulcinj with it's natural potential is able to be a host different guests structure. Choosing Ulcinj for Your holiday destination can never be a mistake. Maybe in Ulcinj You will not find the most extravagant discothecs, clubs and night bars, but surely in Ulcinj you will feel yourself very comfortable and safe. The natural beauties of this town are not arguable.

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